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Set in the very heart of Shilton, the secluded garden of The Chestnuts has one of the best positions in the village.


The garden is a very good size and has the added benefit of tremendous views over the adjoining meadow towards the ford. This ancient meadow is full of kingcups and cow parsley in the summer and is periodically grazed by sheep or horses.


There are numerous places to sit and dine in the garden and outside lights have been placed throughout the garden for your enhanced enjoyment. However, we suggest that you stay out in the garden in the dark; one of the joys of Shilton is its night sky. The relative lack of light pollution here can lead to some spectacular starry nights. The trees on the river bank are also home to many birds and you can often hear owls hooting to one another.


The gardens of Shilton are special to all who live here, because every June as many residents as possible open up their pride and joy gardens to the public for viewing. Funds are raised for the Church and local charities and if you are lucky enough to be visiting that weekend you will have a chance to view Shilton from many spots that remain exclusive only to their owners for the rest of the year.


Nature spotting in and around The Chestnuts

The garden at The Chestnuts is tended organically and we are trying to encourage as much wildlife into the garden as possible. We have many species of birds, different plants to encourage bees, butterflies and other insects. We also have the occasional hedgehog or bat. Bird feeders and a bird bath in the garden make it easy to see many of the birds and we have left a pair of binoculars for you to be able to view them from the comfort of the lounge.

Nikki our gardener

We have Nikki to thank for keeping The Chestnuts garden looking its best throughout the year. Nikki is RHS trained and visits every few weeks, weather permitting and we try to schedule these times when guests are not resident. However, as I am sure you understand this is not always possible, especially in the summer months when more work is needed. 

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